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Detail from the Tree of Life

Detail from the Tree of Life

Of course, you will need your own copy of the book.  As will everyone in your knitting group.  In fact, they make lovely gifts for anyone who’s ever expressed the least interest in knitting, fiber arts, getting together with friends, microfinance – just about everyone!

You can order it on Amazon or Amazon Canada or Amazon UK. Or on Barnes & Noble. Or on Powell’s. Or at your local independent book or yarn store.

Ordering wholesale?  You can order directly from the publisher or through Unicorn or Checker.

Hey, if you know a librarian or two, you might want to mention this book.  I’m sure there are many many library patrons out there who would love to check it out, and would then get engaged in a pattern and forget to return it on time, and end up paying library fees.  A source of revenue for the library!

Want to know more about the book?  Explore the Contents and Contributors, see pictures, or look inside at Amazon.

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