Hi, there.

I live near Washington, DC, with my husband and two gorgeous sons.

  • I got married in Central Park, about two weeks after 9/11.  Bypassers cheered.
  • I wear red socks and/or shoes whenever possible.
  • I like bulleted lists.

You can reach me at suzyngonzalez [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, I’m on tumblr.


Going Home Married: How to Plan a Meaningful Wedding Without Losing Your Mind. (Download a chapter!)

Anthologies I’ve been in:

Around the Web:


I knit. A friend in college accused me of “knitting my own reality.”  To which I say: “Amen!”


You can find me on Ravelry – I’m knitsurf.

Photo above and in the header by Alvaro J. Gonzalez.

12 thoughts on “Suzyn

  1. Recieved your book today and I am impressed. What a lot of work and so well done, I don’t knit but I sew and I know how invovled one can get in a project Your Aunt Joy

  2. Love your no math hat. Thank you for sharing. Is there any way have the crown of the hat wider? My son thinks it’s a little too pointy.

  3. Suzyn, loved your website. It’s unique and fresh. I am amazed by your very eclectic background – and think it brings a vibrancy to your pages. Can’t wait to see more.

    • Hi – your best bet is to go back to where you bought it – probably Ravelry. It could be in your library. Or, see if you can find the email that came to you after you bought it – it probably has a link you can use.

    • What a cool idea! I’d start with 8 st, rather than 6, because practice tells me that’ll give a flatter surface. Then I’d start just like the hat and… never stop increasing. Basically, make the top part of the hat as big as you like, and then cast off. You might want to do something to the edge so it doesn’t roll… Let me know how it goes!

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