Six Years Late

Every so often, I decide that I love a blog enough that I will read the complete archives.  I did it with Mimi Smartypants, and I did it with Miss Minimalist, and I’d do it for WhiteHotTruth if I hadn’t been reading her from the get-go.  These days I’m working my way through the copious archives of the Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  I’m up to 2004, which is about the time that I had an article published in Knitty.  This one.

So I’m reading along, enjoying her harlotry, when she casually mentions that a new Knitty is up, and how good the articles are.  And then comes the thunderbolt:

The one about colour should be required reading, and the advice given in the short row shoulder one is pretty darned good too.

Yah – that’s my article.  I had to click the link to be sure.

“Required reading!”  Can you believe it??  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!  I mean, she’s brilliant and she’s funny and she has the best name in the world, and…  she liked my article.

Pardon me while I grin for a very long time.

And… six years late… Thank you, Stephanie!

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