If you believed you were beautiful…

What would you do differently if you really and truly believed that you were beautiful?

Would you spend a little more time on your hair in the morning?  A little less?  Would you chop it off?  Would you let it grow?  Color it?  Let it go grey?

Would you wear more skirts?  Ditch the “mom jeans”?  Forgo pantyhose?  Wear a flower behind your ear?

If you believed you were beautiful, would you smile more often?   Let the fake smile melt off your face?  Cry if you needed to?

If you believed, deep down, that you were beautiful, could  you tell the truth?

Would you wash your face every night?  Would you ditch some of the creams and potions?  Would you go to bed early, get your “beauty sleep”?  Would you stay up late, talking and laughing and watching the stars go by?

Never in a million, gazillion years did I think I’d quote Lil Wayne, but then I found this on tumblr:

Believe it.  You are beautiful.

One thought on “If you believed you were beautiful…

  1. Great work.
    BTW – I met your mother recently, en route to
    NYC from DC. – she gave me your card
    We sat next to each other. What stimulating/fun
    please fwd her my email address – listed below
    best Louise Fleming

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