Elf Hat!

Just in time for Christmas knitting, it’s an elf hat!!

Hat picture

Quick and easy, perfect for the kids on your list.  This is just my Top Down No Math Manly hat, started with 3 st instead of 6!  Made of  Bernat Softee Chunky on size 10 1/2 needles, it worked up in about two non-intensive evenings.

I’ll write the pattern out here, but if you’ve made my top-down no math hat before, just CO 3 and away you go.

Yarn: Whatever you like. 

Needles: whatever the label calls for, or a bit smaller. You can use dpns to start, then switch to a smallish (24”) circular, or you can stay on dpns throughout, or you can magic loop it.

Notions: a tapestry needle and a freewheeling attitude.

Pattern Note: You’ll want to know about a very nearly invisible increase from the the awesomely wonderful TechKnitting. When I use inc1 below, this is what I mean.

CO 3 st.

Row 1 (and all odd rows): k.  Work the first round as if you’re doing icord – just slide the st to the other end of your dpn or circular, and tug the yarn tight before you begin.

Row 2: inc1, k1, repeat to end (6 st)  At this point, or maybe after row 4, you might want to distribute evenly on 3 dpns.  If you’re using magic loop, you’re already good to go. 

Row 4: inc1, k2, repeat to end (9 st)

Row 6: inc1, k3, repeat to end (12 st)

What I’m doing here is increasing 3 st in every other row.  If you want a really long, floppy elf hat, you can work more K rows between the increase rows.  

Continue in this manner until the circumference of your knitting is a little smaller (an inch less? Thereabouts?) than the circumference of the head you’re knitting for.

Note: it’s really easy to make these hats too big.  Happens all the time.  You get increasing, you smush your stitches so they won’t fall off the dpns, and the next thing you know the hat’s too big.  There are a few things you can do:

  1. Stop increasing a little earlier than you think
  2. Rip back to when the increases were enough
  3. Decrease a bit towards the end.

Once you’ve increased enough, just knit around and around until it’s long enough, or you’re about to run out of yarn.  I just BO loosely and let it roll up.  You can rib, or do a few rows of garter st, as you prefer.  Sew in the ends, and seriously consider adding a pom pom or tassel.