Top-Down No Math Variations

My, my – my little hat has gotten a lot of attention!  145 hits in the first week – wow!  Thanks to everyone who has taken a look, and thanks for the Ravelry love!

So, here are some more things you can do with this cute little hat.

Two Colors

Run out of yarn?  Just start with something new!  The blue is Pingouin Typhon (Ravelry link).  The white is some random fluffy stuff from the stash.


Two smallish balls?  (of yarn, folks!  come on…)  Just alternate.  I started a new color with each YO round.  I did several rows of one color in straight K for the brim.  Cream is Patons Classic Wool.  I think the lavender is Patons Canadiana.


Definitely my favorite…

I started with a bit of i-cord, then use YOs to get up to 6 st to get started.  I worked in green for a bit, then introduced the purple, decreasing the green by one st every other row.  Because intarsia and circular knitting don’t mix, I had to carry both colors across until the leaves were done.  I used both yarns for the YOs and for knitting into the YOs (just imagine that they are slightly “hairy” leaves!)  Magically, when I was done with the leaves, I was also happy with the circumference, so once I went to all purple, I also went to all K.  Both colors are Patons Canadiana from an old fruit hat kit.

Coming soon – a manly version!


2 thoughts on “Top-Down No Math Variations

  1. What a great looking hat!

    What I’m looking for is a pattern for a teacosy. One that isn’t a collosus of flowers or garden beds or mice at the top. It’s simple, attractive and sits over the lid. There’s a space for the handle. Somehow, and this is the tricky bit, it won’t get dirty when the spout dribbles a bit.

    I’m also looking to do a coffee plunger too but I think that should be pretty easy (a mini-scarf). Though I’m always wondering about the spout dribbling…

    Let me know if you have any luck with a pattern.

    • Unfortunately, dribbling is a fact of life! It seems to have more to do with the design of the teapot than anything else. I recommend dark colors to hide the inevitable teastains.

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