My proof copy arrived over the weekend.

Going Home Married Proof Copy

It’s real.  It’s here.  It’s a book!  My hands shook as I held it.

Then, as you can see, I read it cover to cover and filled it with post-it notes (pink ones, natch!) with tweaks, nits, teensy changes.  It’s almost there. It’s almost ready to share with the world.

So in honor of my proof, of my almost-there-ness, of my shaking hands…  I’d like to share with you my favorite paragraph from the whole book.  This is from the end of the chapter on clothes.

Gorgeous You

Ultimately, this day is about you, not about your dress or your tie or your shoes. The clothes you wear are simply the packaging that allows you to be the very best you on this day. Think about who you are, at this moment, at your age, embarking on this great adventure. You do not have to be the best you that ever was or ever will be, simply the best you right now. How did you get to this point in your life? Where are you going from here? Obviously you’re pretty wonderful—after all, someone wants to partner with you for life! Show yourself off. Not your body or your earrings—your self. The inner light that makes you unique. Keep the outfit simple, and concentrate on being calm, centered, and present. The glow that will bathe you when you let yourself feel all the feelings of the day will be more gorgeous than any lace, crystal, satin, or hipster cummerbund.

What did you wear/are you planning to wear to your wedding?  Were you comfy?  Did you look fabulous?  Do you think it’s possible to achieve both in one outfit?  Please leave a note!

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