My Book is on Amazon!!!


I am beyond thrilled to be able to say:

My book is available on

Going Home Married: How to Plan a Meaningful Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

(Isn’t it beautiful?)

The gist: The aesthetics of your wedding should support your relationship, and not the other way around.  Figure out what getting married means to you, build a ceremony around that, and then build an event around the ceremony.  Simple.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

Your writing style is so open and direct, it’s a breath of fresh and inspiring air! Clearly says to readers “you can do this and have a great time doing it.”  –Bryan Smith

I LOVE the short lists of simple things. I love the slashing through the extras to get to the essential. It’s like spring cleaning. I think this will appeal to the sorts of people who want permission to do something individual and personal (perhaps unconventional) instead of prescribed. –Kirsten Hall

The realization that one needs to think critically about the so-called wisdom and utility of most wedding books is a true gift. Plus, your book is genuinely funny—it will get people laughing while they plan their weddings.  –Caitlin Craven 

Intrigued?  You can download a sample chapter here.

Sold?  Buy it, please!  (It’s only $10.)

I need your help.

Here’s the thing:  There’s no such thing as a giant, anonymous “book buying public.”  No “media machine.”  There are only people, like you and me, talking to each other.  So please, if you believe in this book and its message (or, if you just like me) talk about it.  Tweet it.  Post it.  Email the preview chapter to all your friends.  Give the book as an engagement gift.  Post a review on amazon (hugely helpful).  Mention it to your neighbor.

I truly believe this book will help people.  But before it can help people, they need to hear about it.

Thank you thank you thank you.

One more thing.

I’m setting up a blog tour.  My goal is 31 blogs for the 31 days of May.  Reviews, guest posts, interviews, excerpts, contests…  If you would like to be involved, please let me know.

Thank you.  So many people have supported and encouraged me in this project.  I feel lucky to have such wonderful people in my corner.


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