KnitSix Review and Examiner Article

First of all, I want to point you to a really lovely review by Hannah Six, of KnitSix: “For those of us who, when we aren’t knitting, love reading about knitting, this book is a delight, offering many hours of happy page-flipping. And if you’re searching for the perfect group project — or something new to make on your own — you’ll probably find it here. In fact, this book may be the ultimate bedtime reading for yarn junkies, promising peaceful dreams of projects and possibilities.”  She included pictures of some of her favorite projects–see the whole thing here.

Also, the book got a mention in this examiner article by Dindy Yokel: “Suzyn Jackson’s new book, Knit it Together: Patterns and Inspiration for Knitting Circles, is the how-to guide for attending and creating a knitting group.”

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