KnitPicks Staff Picks Knit It Together

I have no idea how I missed this up ’til now, but Knit It Together made the Kelley’s Picks page of KnitPicks!

“I love knitting with other people.  I love knitting in public.  I love teaching people to knit.  I love exploring new techniques with friends.  Basically, I’m a social creature and my choice of craft reflects my personality and lifestyle.  In Knit It Together, Suzyn Jackson has collected stories of the history of knitting circles, tips for starting your own, stories about the community that knitting circles provide, and a collection of patterns designed to be completed as a group.”  Kelley Petkun, Owner

Thank you, Kelley!

Read Knit It Together on Google Books!

Every so often I get a google alert telling me that “Knit It Together” has appeared on some page.  Often, the context is something like “I don’t know how I was able to take these shreds of my so-called life and knit it together into this fantasy existence…”

But the other day, what a nice surprise!  Here are a couple of chapters of my book, all in big glowing color, and very easy to read on screen.  Go ahead and read an excerpt of Knit It Together.  Bet you’ll want to buy the book!

Annie Modesitt loved the book!

Annie Modesitt is a brilliant designer and teacher, and she liked the book!!  I’m so thrilled.

“Imagine my joy when I ran across this little tidbit at the back of Suzyn Jackson’s very user friendly volume, “Cheating: When Gauges Don’t Match” in the seaming & finishing portion of the book.

Since several of the patterns in this book involve sewing together pieces made by different knitters in dissimilar yarns, you’re going to have to deal with variations in gauge.

I loved this. I love that someone GETS that things in knitting are NOT perfect, automatic, exact – that just the nature of using our hands, individual needles and one-of-a-kind yarns almost guarantees that there will be subtle changes and shifts in gauge as we work through a project.”

I’m sorry I didn’t mention any of her fabulous books as resources – I’ll make it up to you, Annie!

KnitSix Review and Examiner Article

First of all, I want to point you to a really lovely review by Hannah Six, of KnitSix: “For those of us who, when we aren’t knitting, love reading about knitting, this book is a delight, offering many hours of happy page-flipping. And if you’re searching for the perfect group project — or something new to make on your own — you’ll probably find it here. In fact, this book may be the ultimate bedtime reading for yarn junkies, promising peaceful dreams of projects and possibilities.”  She included pictures of some of her favorite projects–see the whole thing here.

Also, the book got a mention in this examiner article by Dindy Yokel: “Suzyn Jackson’s new book, Knit it Together: Patterns and Inspiration for Knitting Circles, is the how-to guide for attending and creating a knitting group.”

And She Knits Too! Review

What a lovely surprise!  Stephanie of And She Knits Too! gave the book a wonderful review.  “Knit it Together moves beyond being a book of patterns with some text bookends, it is also a practical resource for those wanting to join or start a knitting circle.  And it is a lovely collection of stories about knitting communities and the joys of knitting as a collective act. … What I liked most about this book was how much I warmed up to it as I read it.  It surprised me and it was a pleasure to read.”

Go read the whole thing!