Annie Modesitt loved the book!

Annie Modesitt is a brilliant designer and teacher, and she liked the book!!  I’m so thrilled.

“Imagine my joy when I ran across this little tidbit at the back of Suzyn Jackson’s very user friendly volume, “Cheating: When Gauges Don’t Match” in the seaming & finishing portion of the book.

Since several of the patterns in this book involve sewing together pieces made by different knitters in dissimilar yarns, you’re going to have to deal with variations in gauge.

I loved this. I love that someone GETS that things in knitting are NOT perfect, automatic, exact – that just the nature of using our hands, individual needles and one-of-a-kind yarns almost guarantees that there will be subtle changes and shifts in gauge as we work through a project.”

I’m sorry I didn’t mention any of her fabulous books as resources – I’ll make it up to you, Annie!

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